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23:45 – Put simply, I feel like shit

6 May

It’s been almost a week since I last had anything to say for myself. Since I last posted the desperation and the urgency and unpredictability of my destructive thoughts has all quietened down somewhat. I’m not really sure why. What has replaced those thoughts is a feeling of numbness, I feel almost detached from everything and I don’t want to be around anyone and I don’t want to do anything. My brain feels sluggish. I can’t think properly so I give up trying. My ability to concentrate or focus on anything is shot to shit at the moment.

If I could, I would just lie in bed all day and all night, not bothering to get dressed or go outside. The only thing that prevents me from just doing exactly that is knowing the dogs need to go out for walks, they don’t need to suffer because of my state of misery. So I scrape back my hair and I put on the same clothes that I wore yesterday (and probably the day before that as well) and we go out. They get a walk and to do the toilet, I stay hidden with my hood pulled up and stare at the ground. And this repeats itself several times a day.

In between times I pull my pyjamas back on and lie in bed or on the sofa staring into space, not even thinking about anything really, just lying there feeling numb and empty. I found a box of stanley knife blades in the drawer yesterday and had a very brief urge to self harm but you know what? I couldn’t even be bothered. It was too much effort and too much energy to do it. The blades got thrown back in the drawer and the drawer closed.

I’ve gone from barely being able to sleep at all to just wanting to sleep all the time. I can’t sleep all the time, my body won’t allow me that privilege. My GP was off on holiday last week and I needed a repeat prescription but because my last prescription was the first month long one in years the other GP said he wasn’t comfortable to give me another monthly and so he put me back on weekly dispense until I can get an appointment to see my normal GP. Then she can decide whether she is happy for me to get monthlies or whether she wants me to remain on weeklies. I think it was probably because the other GP had seen all the A&E trips from self harming episodes over the past month and probably wasn’t sure if I was a bit of a risk. Maybe it’s for the best that I’m on weeklies at the moment as it means I tend to take my medication properly as I don’t have enough tablets to mess around and do a bit of self medicating here and there. At least I’m doing one thing properly.

This week I have an appointment on Wednesday with my support worker from Rape Crisis and an appointment with CPN#2 on Friday. Other than going to them I expect this is going to be another week of hiding from the world and living in my pyjamas. It’s not as if I haven’t got things to be doing – I have a washing machine to order and I have an essay due in at the end of the week if I want to have any chance of passing this module… but I just can’t seem to do it. I keep putting everything off and delaying everything, telling myself I’ll ‘do it tomorrow’ then tomorrow comes and again I do absolutely nothing. If I don’t meet this essay deadline and pass it with a pretty decent grade then I will have to re-sit and I just want this module over and done with. I’m going to try and take an early Summer break and try and get my head back together for the increased workload that September will bring. Hopefully by September I will have done a fair bit of work with the psychologist and be armed with some better coping tools than cutting myself to shreds.

I just feel this complete sense of misery, a big black cloud right above my head threatening to start pissing down on me at any time. Numbness and emptiness and a sense of detachment from everyone and everything. Quiet and in full hibernation mode. Self harm is too much of an effort even though I know I deserve to be covered in more cuts. Thoughts of ending my life have passed through my mind a few times, but they are just that, thoughts. I don’t have a clear enough head to do anything. I don’t have the energy either. I don’t even know if I have the energy to go to my couple of appointments this week – I’ll see how I feel at the time.

I hate myself for writing such a depressing post especially after writing about all the sad news I’d learned last week and how it had put life into perspective a bit. It made me feel like I shouldn’t take life for granted so much and that I should be doing something happy and something positive every day. And I hate that I can’t adapt into that mindset even when I try. Any time I’ve tried to laugh or smile this sense of darkness begins to loom again. So I don’t try. I just sit and be miserable and wait to see what is going to happen next.

I’m shit. I deserve to feel this way. Honestly, if you really knew me you would say the same. The people who tell me nice things about myself like my Mum or best friend just say it to try and cheer me up, they are biased… If people could hear the stuff in my head they would have no hesitation to tell me that yes, I am shit and deserve nothing more than to feel like the piece of crap I am.


14:57 – Itchy, scratchy, suspicious brain

22 Oct

I’m having a really hard time concentrating at the moment, my head slips off into little daydreams constantly, I become irritated when I know I have to sit and read a certain chapter of a book. This is uni reading week and there is another assignment at the end of it and I don’t even have a clue what I’m supposed to be reading about because of my itchy, scratchy brain.

There are too many random racing thoughts going through my head. I have never considered myself to be a jealous person before and I have no real reason to be jealous. But I noticed a couple of days ago that best friend had added my ex onto her facebook, she keeps leaving him little comments with kisses after them, and now he is doing the same to her. Why does she always need to do that? She sees that I am now friends with someone and so (if it’s a man) the next thing I see is that she and him are now friends. From little things she’s written on his page she’s clearly flirting with him… but she has like 3 different guys on the go that she is always flirting with by text. Now my suspicious little brain imagines they have swapped numbers and are chatting away behind my back. And yes, I am talking about the ex who came to visit a couple of weekends ago and ended up in the car crash. And yes I did mention somewhere in that post that some old feelings had come back, and yes, best friend knows this.

I go on Facebook and just sit and stare. Watching the interactions taking place between two people. Thinking how blindingly obvious it is that they are having a little flirt (and I don’t mean I want any more than friendship with him) but it gets to me. It gets to me because she has everything. And yet everything isn’t enough. She has her pick of what guy she wants, she has two beautiful children, she has a nice figure, pretty face, tall, blond…. all the guys fancy her…. it’s just the way it’s always been. Plus she is only young, like 23 or something and I’m 31 this coming weekend. So now I’m thinking is the fact they are both single parents the common ground? Is that why they constantly seem to be chatting away online together? But she has another guy, in fact two other guys who are both single dad’s… so that’s 3 single dad’s altogether that she flirts with, sleeps with, texts constantly, etc.

I’ve noticed he’s stopped texting me… Actually she’s been pretty quiet too…

They think I don’t know, don’t notice, don’t pick up on things, but I do. And it all goes into that constantly thinking and over-analysing brain of mine and adds into all those racing thoughts. I feel like just phoning her and hitting her straight out with it… but then I’m going to look like some crazy jealous bitch aren’t I…

Why does this have to be yet another thing to go into my itchy scratchy suspicious brain? Why can’t it just shut up and close off…

Oh yeah, today was meant to be the day I met (old) CPN and (new) CPN together and be handed over to new CPN to work with from now on. But the receptionist called this morning to say old CPN is off sick so someone will phone me later in the week instead.

It’s just after 3pm and I haven’t managed to go out today, well I went out at 7am with the dogs. I have stayed in all day long because I think my next door neighbour has finally been evicted and they put his door through this morning then fixed a notice to the outside of it and changed the locks. I sat behind my peep hole in my door with my heart pounding that they were going to start knocking in my door next. I don’t know why I thought that, I was just feeling very paranoid.Now I keep wondering who they are going to move into his flat, will it be someone I have to watch or will they be watching me? I don’t like it when things change that I have no control over and have to go through the whole sussing the new person/people out before I feel safe enough to just walk past them in the stairway.

Then not so long after they left I heard my front door being chapped. I couldn’t even make it to the peep hole to see who it was, I just kinda froze so they couldn’t hear me moving and I stood there silent for a few minutes until they had gone.

I am so hungry and yet I can’t face the supermarket at the moment. It’s too busy and noisy and stressful today. All I feel capable of doing is sitting here listening to every little noise and wondering what’s going on. I really should go and have a shower then take the dogs out again but I feel so fucking incapable of doing anything other than sitting waiting, watching, listening and feeling the itchy scratchiness of my brain.