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21:46 – New Toy

19 Oct

Yes I could have awkwardly tried to take an actual photo of my actual toy by combining webcam and phone but that was just way too awkward. So whilst this isn’t my *actual* new toy it’s a pretty accurate picture. I’m slightly disappointed, it’s not much different from my HTC Desire, maybe slightly faster but there are so many similarities that parts of it are completely identical to the HTC. Maybe this is because they are both Androids, I don’t know, I’m not the smartest cookie when it comes to technology.

Anyway here is a little picture. I have set up and linked and synced and everything elsed all my accounts so everything is being delivered onto it at the same time as on here (emails and stuff) it’s quite funky… but the HTC did that as well!


I refuse to join the Blackberry crew with their BBM things (it’s like ‘so’ last year 😛 haha) and I refuse to join the world of Apple after my friend getting so obsessed that within months there was an apple mac laptop thing, a computer, an iPod, iPhone, iPad…everything. Maybe I’m worried I have an addictive personality. So yes! I am standing strong with my Android dude and still saying they are best! Aww and I have a pretty little gel case coming for it tomorrow all pink and purple flowers, very girlie! I might even go to the effort of taking a photo of it to show you! What the fuck am I blabbering on about… why the fuck would you want to see a photo of a phone? Why did I even just write this post?!

*Goes back to pacing the room to walk off the restlessness*