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20:45 – Babysitting all weekend

27 Apr

Early this afternoon my best friend phoned me. She is moving house and has to hand the keys back by Monday. So she called to ask if i could take the 1 yr old this afternoon. I said that was fine and went for a shower. The 3 yr old is staying with his dad whilst she moves house.

So i took the little one to the park and then went to my mums for a couple of hours as it started raining. She was in a good mood, it looks like she has got a new job which was great to hear. I couldn’t really bring the baby here when i have no proper flooring and he’s at the half crawling half walking stage.

I also went into the local housing department and got a big long form to fill in to apply for a housing transfer. I tried to phone my social worker to ask if she would mind writing a supporting letter but was told she was dealing with a crisis so it can wait until next Friday when i see her.

I had the baby from about 3-7pm today and tomorrow im taking him from 1-7pm and I’ll probably take him for a few hours on sunday as well. Its weird, when im looking after him im so aware of him and so focused on thinking what im going to do to keep him amused and making sure that he is ok that i almost get a little hint of feeling ok, the pushchair covers most of my body, im always talking to the baby so i don’t look up at anyone, which makes the paranoia and anxiety calm down.

So yeah its been a good day but they are such hard work for such little people! Im definitely having an early night as i think tomorrow is going to zap all energy out of me!