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01:37 – A long but good day

5 Apr

It’s been a long but pretty good day today. I’m pretty tired and planning to head off to bed shortly but thought I’d have a little ramble about my day first. My day started when I woke up absolutely freezing cold on the sofa around 4am. I got up and put the heating on and then got into bed but couldn’t sleep even though I was totally shattered. I sat in bed playing about on my new phone until the room was nice and warm and then around 6am I finally fell back asleep. I woke up at 9.30am and decided I better get up and face the day.

Had a shower after entering personal hygiene fail status again, got dressed, took the dogs a walk, took my medication… seemed like the start of a good day but then I came back home to kill a couple of hours before my appointment with my rape crisis support worker and in those couple of hours I turned into an anxious mess. Anxious about quite a few things, some things there was no need to be anxious about but I began to realise that what I was really anxious about was the unknown. For example, we are all going out on Saturday night for best friend’s birthday and they are all wearing little skimpy short dresses whereas I have to keep my body completely covered up. Even though my outfit is nice I still can’t help but feel like the fat frumpy covered up one of the group. I don’t particularly want to go out drinking, I can’t enjoy a night out these days as I spend the whole time on hyper alert mode watching everyone and suspicious of everyone and I can’t ever seem to relax and join in when everyone is a bit drunk and hitting the dancefloor… instead I hide in a corner and if any man comes within a couple of feet of me the look I give them makes them quickly turn around and walk away. Sometimes I wish I could be fun and carefree and dance and laugh and drink and flirt but I just can’t. I am shit company on a night out these days and if it wasn’t best friend’s birthday I wouldn’t be going.

So yeah, by the time I was leaving the house to go to my appointment I was feeling panicky and anxious and was wanting to just cancel it and hide indoors all day but I fought back and went to the appointment. It took a while for the anxiety to calm down but it did and we got some good talking done. I left the appointment feeling a bit calmer and then went to meet best friend. I asked her a couple of weeks ago what she wanted for her birthday but she kept saying she didn’t know and then yesterday she said she would really like it if we could go somewhere nice for a meal and spend an evening just having a laugh and some adult conversation as her kids are staying at their dad’s this week and we NEVER get to go out for a lunch or dinner without the kids. And even though the kids are pretty well behaved you can’t completely relax as you always have to keep one eye on them and do the whole “if you don’t eat your food you aren’t getting any sweets afterwards” speech. So I’d asked her if she’d like me to pay for us to go somewhere and pay for a nice meal in a nice restaurant as a birthday present and she said that would be lovely.

It was really nice to spend the evening together with no kids and I’d left the dogs at home so it was just me and her talking about everything and anything. The restaurant we went to was lovely, quite expensive and we had a half hour wait for a table to come free but the food was so tasty it was worth it. We ended up having a really good laugh talking about lots of random things that have happened to us over the past seven years we have been friends. Reminiscing and stuff… it was good… and the hours just seemed to fly by 🙂

I’ve been home for about an hour and I am so so tired. Tonight has to be a proper full nights sleep, my body badly needs it. At the moment I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow although my Mum has the day off work so I might try and spend a couple of hours with her. I’m still feeling very nervous about going out on Saturday night but I’m trying to just think about the here and now and not think about Saturday until it is Saturday… easier said than done though!

And as it’s now 1.30am I think it’s time to watch a little half hour of TV then head off to bed. I can feel my medication starting to kick in and the yawns are starting now as well… so on that note I shall say goodnight.

Overall, a good (but long) day 🙂


21:05 – The ‘date’

9 Aug

I overslept this morning and when I woke up I had 5 text messages from him one telling me he was going for the train, one telling me how excited he was, one asking why I wasn’t responding, one asking if I’d changed my mind, one asking if something was wrong. Nothing was wrong, I had simply overslept so I phoned him straight away and apologised. By this point he was only 15 minutes away and I still had to have a shower, get dressed, dry and straighten my hair, put some make up on…. but he said “don’t bother with all that crap, just put some clothes on and come and meet me”. So I did.

It was really nerve wracking as I watched him walk round the corner, that moment where our eyes met and we recognised each other and I completely didn’t know what to say. He gave me a big cuddle and we both admitted we were so nervous so we just took the dogs a long walk and talked loads and loads. Then he kissed me, and I didn’t push him away, I kissed him back. From then on we walked and talked and laughed and shared stories and totally relaxed in each other’s company.

Mid afternoon we decided to put the dogs in the house and go and buy a disposable barbecue and bought some sausages and burgers and salad and rolls and juice. We went to the beach as the sun was shining again and cooked our food, ate, then lay in the sun cuddled into each other. It all felt so natural, it was really lovely. I can’t describe it properly; the sun was beating down on us and we lay on the sand just curled up in each others arms, sharing the occasional kiss, laughing, being silly and teasing each other playfully.

Around 6pm I asked him if he wanted to come back to mine for a while and we sat watching some TV, again curled up together on the sofa. We both said we’d had a lovely day in each other’s company and would like to meet up again soon. He stayed until 8.30pm then left to go home, we had a final kiss and off he went. I’m sitting here feeling really content and happy, I really like him and I think he feels the same about me. We mentioned meeting back up on Tuesday but haven’t set anything in stone just yet.

It’s weird, he is totally not the sort of guy I would normally be attracted to, but his personality shone through and the day just flew by. I’m sitting here smiling, it’s been a really good day and I feel weirdly happy because he seemed to genuinely like me and not be putting on any sort of an act.

A good end to a really good day 🙂

22:37 – A slightly better day :)

16 Mar

Woohoo I faced the outside world today several times and nothing bad happened to me! Don’t get me wrong, the chitter chatter was so loud in my head on many occasions but it was a good bit more tolerable than it has been of late.

The day started on a good note – first I actually woke up just after 12 noon and decided that as it was raining outside it was safe to go out. I can put my hood up and hide that way. So the dogs got a walk and as I was walking back home I got a text from male friend saying he could see me in front of him so I waited on him to catch up and we put the dogs back in the house then went up to some other friends house. I felt anxiety start to rise inside me when we got to their house as I wasn’t sure how long we would be there for but with some subtle deep breathing it eased off. We ended up staying there for three hours, there were a couple of occasions I started to hint that I wanted to go but then I tried to be aware of my breathing and solely concentrate on that which did help a bit. I then went to male friend’s house and had a cuppa and by that time it was almost 5pm so I came home and gave the dogs a quick walk then made dinner.

Male friend came back down about 7pm and we watched some crap on the TV and had a glass of wine and that’s him just left to go home. I think I’m going to have another glass of wine now, give the dogs their last walk and maybe actually sleep through the night which would be a great end to a good day!