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17:55 – Just some random waffle

2 Dec

My Angel's Stone

The weather has been horrible today. I met up with my friend and the kids for a little while then went up to the little one’s stone. In this weather tinsel just isn’t going to stick around it grr. Anyway cos the rain was pissing it down the photo is a bit shit, hence why I have put arrows saying what each thing is. There is a little snowman ornament from my friend still to go on it and I’m going to get some little covered tealight candles to light it up a little bit.

I contemplated going to the pet shop and saying I’m really unhappy about the finches. I mean I paid £22.99 for the pair of finches then had to buy a cage so they did a deal with me for £50 for the finches and the cage they were already in (it’s in good condition but is second hand). So basically I gave them £50 for two weeks of listening to the little birdies chirp and now they’ve gone. I expected to get two or three years enjoyment listening to them, not two weeks – I don’t know if I should go in tomorrow and see if they will give me a replacement birdie, if not finches then a little budgie or something.

My friend would like me to go out to hers tonight but it’s so wet and dark and cold. I really don’t want to leave my sofa now I’m home! And it’s so cold in my flat, I don’t know why as the heating is on but I’m freezing and snuggled into a blanket. But it’s a Friday night and I feel very boring to stay in by myself so maybe I should just go out.

Ugh too many decisions.