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18:35 – Bye bye kitty

29 Jul

Well Tiff the cat’s stay with me was short and sweet. I took on too much. Right now I am still living in the one room in my flat, my living room/kitchen. It is just too small a space for me, two dogs and a cat. So reluctantly I gave her away yesterday. She has gone to a good home where the girl has a male cat who is quite old and chilled out and the two of them are getting on really well.

It was nearly all a disaster. I had one box with all her stuff in it – bed, litter tray, bag of cat litter, food, etc and best friend had another box with Tiff in it. As we got out the car Tiff jumped out the box – she has never been outside before and ran straight under a (parked) car. We tried to coach her out then she ran for some bushes and hid in there. We called on all the kids who were out playing to come and help us get her out, the bushes were right next to a busy main road and I had horrible visions of her running out right onto it and getting hit by a car. After about half an hour of kids crawling through bushes we found her and I just had to dive in amongst the thorns and grab her so my arms are all cut to bits but at least I caught her safely. I think she was a little bit traumatised by it all and when she got in her new house she just ran straight under the table and wouldn’t come back out, but I went to see how she was settling in today and she is doing just fine.

Tomorrow I am getting my Dad to bring down a set of ladders so I can start painting this place. I hate painting with a passion because I am utterly crap at it but I’m still hoping and praying I will be offered a housing transfer soon and I want the place to be nice and freshly painted for when the council come to do their inspection. The flat still has no flooring but I’m not paying out for carpet or laminate when I’m (hopefully) going to be leaving here soon.

The other joy I am having at the moment is my brand new boiler keeps breaking. I had the workmen out on Friday and they found a fuse had gone in it, they got it working again and then I went to hang up some clothes to dry this afternoon and realised the lights were all off on it again. So that’s another thing that needs done tomorrow. I feel like I have so many things to do before my Uni course starts next month. I know it’s only painting but I have a bedroom, bathroom, hallway, living room and kitchen to do and all the ceilings and my ceilings are like 12 foot high. So there’s actually quite a lot to get done.

Last night best friend was going out drinking and I have no money at all at the moment after having to pay some hefty bills the other day so for the next week I am super skint. So I decided to go round to another friend’s house as she was working today and just having a quiet night in. However when I got there her brother went and bought me a bottle of wine so I ended up drinking that and a few cans of cider and was pretty wasted when I left. I have been feeling quite delicate today but managed to go to the supermarket and take the dogs a big long forestry walk.

Now I really need to go for a shower but I am shattered and just want to lie here in front of the TV for a while. I have really bad stomach cramps and can’t decide if it’s from the drinking last night or because I took the tablets I’m prescribed to give me periods as I don’t have them by myself thanks to the lovely polycystic ovaries and I haven’t taken a course of tablets in months so I think I may be about to have a killer period.

On that happy note I am off to laze in front of the TV until I can motivate myself to go for a nice hot shower!