19:27 – Ever wondered what voice hearers hear?

27 Nov

I found this video on youtube after seeing some other bloggers post it and it’s scarily real. Like really scarily real. Scarily real to the point I’d tell you if you’re feeling like you could be triggered I’d say don’t watch/listen to it. If you are feeling OK or curious about what it’s like to hear voices it’s very realistic, well I think so anyway. Around the 2 minute to 2 and a half minutes mark is closest to my experiences of voice hearing (without the deep breaths) however that weird sound that I can’t describe in the last 10 or 20 seconds, that is scarily like what I mean when I write that my head is “noisy”.

They say use headphones to hear it properly but I turned my laptop up full and that was real enough for me. It’s very realistic though and I think anyone who is interested in what it’s like to be hearing voices or in psychosis should have a nosey.

2 Responses to “19:27 – Ever wondered what voice hearers hear?”

  1. emily November 28, 2012 at 14:26 #

    Okay, I got through, like, 19 seconds of it. Had to turn it off.
    Eesh, Emily.

  2. Myrtle November 29, 2012 at 15:33 #

    Thanks so much for posting this. I could only bear listening to a few seconds…
    The content of the ‘voices’ and reported content from a friend who hears voices seems to confirm the theory that people suffering in this way have experienced adverse events/treatment from others (esp. caregivers as children) and are, basically, traumatised. I’m pretty sure that all mental ill-health is basically trauma showing up in various ways, and the sooner the psychiatric profession starts to treat all patients with the respect usually reserved for traumatised veterans, the better.
    Once again thanks for posting this.

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