09:39 – Is email now snail mail or something?

7 Sep

Small rant.

I sent a very long email to someone yesterday explaining a lot of my thoughts and feelings. In fact I sent two, because a few hours after I sent the first one more thoughts came into my mind. I text the person and told them they had an email waiting. No reply to email or text. I then text them again before I went to bed saying will you please please read the email I sent you, but got up this morning again to no reply to email or text.

I thought email was supposed to be bloody instant. You write it, you press send, it magically appears in the person’s inbox and they hit the reply button and type something. So simple in theory, so complicated in practice it would seem.

I’m beginning to wonder if snail mail would be faster or maybe my original suspicions are correct and the emails are just being ignored. Maybe the person doesn’t know what to say back to me but even an acknowledgement that they received and read it and were thinking over a reply would be something.

God I’m so fucking frustrated over so many things at the moment, I don’t know where my head is at from one moment to the next and to know fine that someone has got your text (because my little delivery report on my phone tells me they have) – so they have read the text, they know the email is there, I think the chances are they did read it but didn’t know how to respond. Maybe they were unable to check their emails last night. Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe I should just shut the fuck up before I drive myself even more mental.


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