09:47 – Officially a student (I think!)

15 Aug

Hmmz methinks I drank a bit too much wine last night. There started off with two bottles of rosy and there is just under half of a bottle left. I have a bit of a sore head but only have myself to blame for that one.

So… good news… I got my letter through this morning confirming I am officially a student 🙂 I am still waiting to hear back that my fee waiver application has been accepted but I did all the online enrolment stuff I needed to do and have finally chosen to do the course on a part time basis which is 15 hours of study a week as that seems to be an acceptable amount to study and still be able to claim benefits. So it’s going to take me a couple more years to complete but it also means I’ll have more time where I could maybe do a few hours a week on a voluntary placement and get myself some practical experience, it also means I will still have the time to attend all my “mental” appointments and 15 hours is something I can cope with; the full time mode is 30 hours a week and I think I may have struggled a lot to find 30 hours in a week where I was sane enough to sit and study.

It doesn’t feel as scary as it did last week now I know I won’t have to study frantically and barely see my friends and try to arrange appointments around study time… it’s all a lot calmer, I can see it being manageable now.

So I’ve woken up to some good news, I have emailed the college to ask if my fee waiver form has been returned to them yet, I have completed my online enrolment, I have a letter telling me I am now an official student… all good 🙂

I’m just waiting for a guy coming to try and fix my shower door, I am far from any kind of tradesman but even I can see the bloody thing is unfixable and needs replacing. But they will do everything they can to avoid paying out for an expensive repair! The guy should be here in the next 15 minutes then I don’t know what I’m going to do with my day. Oh, shower guy has just been, along with who looked like Mr Boss Man of a local plumbing company. They have decided to replace most of it (yay!) but he now has to go to the boss of the housing association I rent my flat through and get final permission for the funding. He said he’d be in touch soon (although soon to them can be 10 minutes or 10 weeks!)

My Mum text me last night asking if I’d like to go for lunch with her today but I was too drunk to reply. Best friend was asking the same about going for lunch but I didn’t reply to her either. My head wasn’t in a great place last night, I felt really sad, but this morning I’ve picked myself up, dusted myself off and have something else to focus on.

Now, if only the rain would go off today could be a nice day 🙂


One Response to “09:47 – Officially a student (I think!)”

  1. The Quiet Borderline (back in hospital) August 16, 2012 at 14:48 #

    Congratulations!! Well done you.

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