13:44 – A brighter day

12 Aug

The guy and I ended up having a long chat last night. I fought my corner and tried so hard to make him see things from my perspective, that things don’t need to be complicated in any way, just simple and living for the day. I think it finally paid off as he agreed to meet me again. I’m happy now, one more chance was all I wanted, not to give up at the first hurdle before we even really got to know one another.

My Dad was supposed to come down and do more painting for me today but I woke up loaded with the cold and really couldn’t be doing with anyone in my space today so I’ve asked him to leave it until next weekend. I don’t know where this cold has come from, I haven’t been around anyone with it and yet it just randomly appeared when I woke up and couldn’t breathe properly and started sneezing and got a runny nose.

Today I’m just taking things easy, trying to be positive and mindful. All I need to do today is three little things: have a shower, get dressed and walk the dogs. Then I can spend all afternoon lazing in front of the TV and catching up on some programs on iPlayer that I missed during the week.

Things feel brighter today, smiling is coming easier, relaxation is easier. I have no bad thoughts in my head, only the thought of living for today and getting through today. Then tomorrow it will be Monday and the start of a new week, hopefully a good week that will be full of many more smiles.


One Response to “13:44 – A brighter day”

  1. The Quiet Borderline (back in hospital) August 12, 2012 at 14:28 #

    Well done you.

    I’m so glad that you spoke with him and fought your side. I hope things go on OK from here. He probably just had cold feet to start off with, now he’s hopefully sorted out in the head!

    Good luck and hope you feel better xx

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