18:31 – Well I went

21 Apr


I decided to go to the A&E department and see the nurse from Tuesday. I was the only person in the department so was seen straight away. I told him I’d got my tattoo done and Satan appears happier with me. He kind of half smiled, like one of them sympathetic type smiles and says “OK mate”. I like that he calls me mate, it feels friendly without being space invasive. Then the scene kinda went like this:

I take a seat and roll up my sleeve

He stares at my arm and says “that wasn’t there on Tuesday”

I reply “it’s only a scratch”

He replies “that ‘scratch’ worries me more than the deep cuts”

I ask why

He says “you know why, it’s a pentagram”

I say “what’s wrong with that?”

He says “you know what, it’s what it means”

I say “it’s a symbol of faith”

He says “it’s double circled and I know what that means”

I just look at him blankly so he knows I’m not going to say anything else on the matter.

He took the dressings off my arm and had a look at the wounds. He was really happy with the one that was deepest as it has started healing really well. He told me he had been thinking about my arm all week and wondering if he had done the right thing just gluing and taping it and was worried he should have sutured it. But it’s all turned out OK and everything is healing well. So I have clean dressings on and he asked me to go back up to A&E on Tuesday for a final wound check.

As I was leaving I showed him my new tattoo and he said it was actually quite nice but he joked I was going to end up like something from the exorcist if I keep listening to Satan’s commands.

He reminded me as I left that they are open 24 hours a day if I need help.

I said thank you and left.


One Response to “18:31 – Well I went”

  1. The Quiet Borderline April 24, 2012 at 19:10 #


    Funny post. And glad you went.

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