22:43 jelly bodies

11 Apr

Had a very busy afternoon. Got best friend earrings and took her out for dinner. Her mum looked after the kids for a couple of hours. I got a new charger for my phone (on which im writing this blog post) and a new cordless house phone. Spent way too much money today. Tonight i see a male friend and told him id got my hands on some pills. We took 2 of the little blue ones each and they’re so fucking trippy we were both glued to the couch, really chatty but jelly bodies when attempting any form of movement or coordination. We both seemed to find it hilarious attempting to stand up i seem to recall. I have curled myself up on the sofa with a blanket and juice and smokes. Sleep is more than welcome but im enjoying my jelly body feeling while it lasts. Definitely need to try more than two next time!


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