13:35 – Advice needed asap please!

3 Apr

I know I said I was taking a break from blogging but I have just noticed something and I need advice. Admittedly the best advice would be to go up to my local a&e where I was told to go if I thought I saw signs of infection, but after the anxiety the last a&e trip caused, I’m somewhat reluctant to go.

Anyways here is the problem. I self harmed and had stitches in for a week. The stitches were taken out five days ago and the wound all looked neat. I was advised to keep dressings on it for another week to stop my trousers rubbing on it. A couple of days ago I noticed it was starting to look like it was re-opening. Today it has gone all yellow and gross at one end.

I don’t like posting photos of self harm wounds and I know many people don’t like to look at them. But I would really appreciate if someone who knows a little about self harm or wounds would have a quick look at the bit I have put an arrow next to and advise if they would go up to a&e to let the nurses check it.

I will post a second post in a moment which will be password protected so no one is offended by the photo. The password for it is: selfharm

Thank you in advance for any words of advice!


One Response to “13:35 – Advice needed asap please!”

  1. The Quiet Borderline April 4, 2012 at 18:49 #

    I’m glad that you went to the hospital to take care of the wounds.

    Please try to be kind to yourself and look after yourself. I know it’s probably the last thing you want to do right now, but I just pray for you that you manage to do so.

    The Quiet Borderline

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