23:24 – Satan

27 Mar

Satan is a sinful, fallen angel. He tempts people to sin and takes control of their hearts. He is in my mind all day and all night offering me temptations and seeing whether I will take them. Today I am guilty of gluttony and envy, again I have not obeyed God. Satan laughs loud and heartily at this. He hurts my head. But he has my heart.

I thought I might have heard from my CPN or someone from the CMHT as the nurse on Sunday night said she was going to phone and leave an answer phone message asking someone to contact me as I’ve not been in the best way lately. Well actually I am OK, I have definite commands so I know all the things I have got to do but sometimes I just get tired and confused by them because there never seems to be a break from all the noise and shizzle.



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