01:47 – Something’s wrong

22 Mar

I can’t sleep because I have spent the entire evening experiencing panic attacks. They come and go and I have one of those deep gut feelings that something is wrong. This is making me more anxious because I don’t know what it is that’s wrong. But instinct (and voices) tells me it is bad and I should be on full guard tonight.


3 Responses to “01:47 – Something’s wrong”

  1. Clarissa Smid March 22, 2012 at 01:54 #

    Just a quick suggestion – I should be asleep too! Breath in on one – out for a count of three. Keep going until you get used to it. Then breath in on two, out on four, keep going until it comes more naturally. By focussing on your breath, you will draw energy and focus away from your paranoia. It will help with your panic by slowing your heart down gently too. give it a try, and try not to get too worried. if things get too much, ring your Mum and ask for help.

    Big hugs,


  2. The Quiet Borderline March 22, 2012 at 09:26 #

    I am so frustrated that you are going through such tough times. I can’t imagine how you feel.

    Can you try to reach out for help and both get an appointment and make sure to go to it?

    You really deserve better than this.

    All the best,

    The Quiet Borderline

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