13:44 – saw the psychiatrist

20 Jan

So i saw the psych this morning and told him how utterly suicidal I’ve been feeling hence why I’ve been constantly trying to harm myself. Im now not allowed off the ward or I’ll be detained. I wish i hadn’t told him but equally i needed to tell the truth. The voices were really getting to me i kept talking to them then remembering where i was (in a meeting). I told him that since the drugs and drink has been out my system i feel my mood sliding dangerously low. So he had a look at my medication and is taking me off the olanzapine and putting me onto haloperidol. He’s also going to drop my lamotrigine as its making my psoriasis worse. Im pretty gutted that my mum is coming all this way tomorrow just to sit in a hospital with me but on a positive note we had a nicer chat on the phone last night. I told the psych he was putting thoughts in my head and playing about with my brain, which he is. Ultimately he is the one in control of everything,  he can control peoples minds trust me.


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