12:52 – Just a little catch up

22 Nov

I haven’t written anything in the past few days so thought I’d just pop by and say hello. That’s really about all I have to say for myself. I have a chest infection and am feeling pretty crappy, just want to laze around and see how long I can go between each delightful coughing attack. I started feeling quite run down over the weekend and I think this is it hitting it’s worst so hopefully I’ll be back to ‘normal’ in a few days.

The new finches Jack and Victor are settling in well. They’ve been out for a few flies around the bedroom and don’t try and peck me when I lift them up so all is good 🙂

I had an appointment with the psychologist yesterday and found it quite hard at times to concentrate as one voice was telling me over and over to look at her stomach and see what I don’t deserve (her pregnant stomach) so I would deliberately stare out the window or look her straight in the eye which just made the voice laugh and laugh at me – I told her they get louder than her sometimes as a way of excusing myself for all the times I probably appeared as though I wasn’t listening to a word she was saying. We are looking at mindfulness again and I have to practice taking 15 minutes out each day to do something in a mindful rather than mindless way.

I also went to the rape crisis place yesterday as due to my hospital admissions I hadn’t handed my application form back into them. Mine has gone a bit back to front, I got my ‘interview’ first and filled in the application form over the weekend there. So it looks like training is going to start around the last week in February, I’m not even allowing myself to panic about it, if I want it badly enough I know I will get there even if I’m kicking and screaming.

And that’s about all I have to say. I am popping down to the rape crisis today to hand in my disclosure form and as soon as that is back and they can see I’m not too much of a nutter on paper, then I can get involved with general admin duties until the support worker training starts. I’m still feeling really enthusiastic about getting involved with their organisation and can’t wait until I do my first real session with a client.

Now I have two doggies giving me the puppy dog eyes because they want their lunch time walk so I better be off. Think it will be another lazy day ahead I’m feeling pretty rotten and sleeping on and off in front of the tv seems to be the best cure!

3 Responses to “12:52 – Just a little catch up”

  1. The Quiet Borderline November 22, 2011 at 16:13 #

    Ah poor you. Feel better very soon!

    Well done for the volunteering, it’s very courageous of you.

    I hope everything else is going ok with you.

    The Quiet Borderline

  2. James Claims November 22, 2011 at 19:27 #

    Sorry to hear about the chest infection. I had my own bout with illness earlier this fall and it’s the last thing that the mind needs. As for volunteering, congratulations and good going. I’ve always thought of volunteering, but my mood swing always prevent me. Best of luck to you and I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Chronicles Of The Sunshine Kid November 23, 2011 at 14:39 #

    Hope the chest infection gets better, I think volunteering is great x

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