Too many men in this house!!

18 Nov



They are taking over. I’ve got my two male jack russell dogs having the posh life and sleeping on my bed but now I’ve got my two male finches now taking over as well.

They’re all ganging up on me :-/

There’s jack on my bed and victor looking most unamused at me catching him.

Oh yeah i met new cpn today J. I suppose she is ok but I’ve still not warmed to her and feel very wary of her for some reason, she makes me paranoid that she has some kind of alterior motive. I don’t trust her as far as i could throw her at one point while she was rambling about self responsiblity i swear her face turned to that of medusa’s with snakes darting out at every angle of me and hissing.

I spent the afternoon with my friend and her kids then came open and cracked open a bottle, tempted to invite some people round but im enjoying my own little lonesome buzz myself right now.


One Response to “Too many men in this house!!”

  1. eliana November 19, 2011 at 23:46 #

    That’s the trouble with pets – especially boy pets – my two boys have ruled my (their) flat ever since they moved in, wouldn’t change that for the world though.

    Jack and Victor look lovely though.

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