18:54 – I’m on a mission!

22 Oct

I’m bored with being bored. I’ve been a good girl and achieved 3 things today. Washed clothes. Washed myself. Walked the dogs. I then went to the supermarket and decided I was in the mood to go on a “getting wasted” mission. So the fridge is stocked up with booze, I have a couple of other little bits and bobs to ensure I will be dancing from the rooftops (not literally – that would be scary being 4 floors high) in a few hours. But I’m making a promise I will not drunken text or email or blog or anything else. I will just enjoy myself and see how the mission goes!

**Quickly runs off before someone lectures me on medication and alcohol and new medication that I’ve never drank on before and all that other boring sensible (possibly important) stuff that I’ll worry about tomorrow!**


2 Responses to “18:54 – I’m on a mission!”

  1. Road to Recovery October 23, 2011 at 13:59 #

    Just curious to see how “successful” the “mission” was and how you are doing after the fact?

  2. mycrazybipolarlife October 24, 2011 at 19:27 #

    Well I had a rather sore head yesterday but other than that the mission went well! All the booze was drunk, I was very drunk, I had a good laugh. I think going to my parent’s for Sunday dinner yesterday was the perfect hangover cure! Today, blah, I’m not too sure how I’m doing… plodding along slowly x

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