11:59 – Writer’s Block

21 Oct

I really want to write something because I’m feeling restless as hell, so it’s kinda therapeutic to make my fingers work as quickly as possible and take some of the restlessness away for a few minutes. But I don’t know what to write about so maybe I’ll just type some rubbish then delete it. I’m meeting my social worker later today, there are some issues with my rent that I need to sort out. Right now I’m listening to “Promises” by Nero, I really love that song at the moment.

promises…and they still feel all so wasted on myself…

I have been up far too long. Like seriously, if I was more of a normal person and less mentalist and actually had a job which say was a 9-5 job where you work 8 hours a day, well I’ve been up since 6ish so that’s like 6 hours of my day gone already. Oh I knew I had something to say for myself…. some weird things have been happening….

Yesterday I woke up to find two bread rolls sliced open, there were the crumbs on the chopping board but given by the trail of crumbs it would seem I changed my mind and gave them to the dog (who didn’t want them either and just left them lying on the floor) – when I woke up I had my house phone/landline lying next to me…. I never use my house phone… there is no caller id… it’s far too freaky. But I had it cradled in next to me when I woke up and it usually lives in the kitchen. This shows how long it’s been since I used it – my ex who I have now been split up from for almost 3 years, well I still have his parents on speed dial, and yes it would seem I called them around the 6.30am mark as the call had been running for 2 hours 23 mins when I woke up. I hope they didn’t keep my number or they will be pissed off with me. Finally, I moved my bed…. well the duvet… to a corner of the room and curled up there with the dogs in next to me. Oh and there was a bite out a snickers bar as well.

Then this morning a friend was ringing my phone, it clear as day woke me up and I picked it up, saw who it was and went to answer but it had stopped ringing by then. So I went to the loo then came back and checked my call log and there was no call from her and when I text her she said she hadn’t called me and that’s just another thing playing silly games with my head.

Anyway that broke my writer’s block for a little while, thanks! 🙂


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