15:27 – Nice GP soon and nice phone man

17 Oct

I have an appointment with my GP soon. The nice one, not the sour faced bitch one I had to see on Friday. Anyway, it’s for nothing exciting, just to get my prescription changed to give me these lovely new Amisulpride’s instead of the Quetiapine’s. I don’t like the new amisulpride, yes I know I’m still on a baby dose but I’m getting spots and I don’t get spots and I can’t sleep during the times I usually can and blah… it’s going to get increased today up to 400mg. I’m not sure what sort of mg Mr Psychiatrist is aiming for but the dose range seemed very wide on the patient information leaflet. I could be wrong, but around the 6 or 800mg mark looks to be a normal-ish dose for my mentalist symptoms.

I had a nice conversation with a nice phone man this morning. Well afternoon actually. I am due an upgrade on my phone and much as I love my HTC, I wasn’t overly impressed with their new Sensation and then I saw a Samsung Galaxy S2 and fell in love with it instantly. So that’s what I’ve upgraded to and somehow managed to knock a bit off my bill every month as well. So smiles all round for nice phone man. However not so many smiles in that I was on hold for 1 hour 23 minutes. At least they were productive – I kept telling myself “oh they’ll pick up if I go and start hanging the washing up” etc and sure enough as I was about to start washing the dishes they answered!

Well that’s all I have to say for myself for just now. I better go and get showered so I can make it to GP in what is now only 45 minutes.


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