Hospital Diary 9 of 10 (From Friday 16th 8.30pm)

26 Sep

Earlier I detached two bra straps and tied them together and then around my neck. Of course I am never lucky enough to get through those last few minutes. My neck hurts a bit. It has a tiny bruise on it right in the middle. The staff were pissed off with me again, I was struggling to get away from them, for them not to be able to cut it and one of them commented that if she didn’t get it off then she’d have no job come Monday morning. That pretty much sums it up really – money is what matters to these nurses – not patients.

Right now I have a nurse sitting at the other side of the room and I keep arguing with her because there are two giant slugs slimey things making their way along the strip light on the ceiling. They will work their way down to the floor and once they get there then they will be in this room and I don’t know if my little one comes to sleep next to me at night so if he does then these disgusting sticky slimey creatures will get him too. What if they try to eat him or something? There is NO WAY that I will let that happen. 

They will NEVER take him away from me and they will never get to him without getting past me first. These fucking nurses think they know it all. They think they know stuff that they don’t. Oh the staff are changing over now, I think the first one got sick of me so now I have someone else to watch me for the next few hours.

Fuck them all.

Bunch of cunts.

I hate them.

They hate me.

End of discussion. 


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