01:28 – Thomas the Train and a little bear called Bradley

24 Sep

As some of you may have noticed, I have had a desire to find the ‘right’ religion or faith for me for quite some time. I find myself picking parts from Christianity and parts from Spirituality. So on Sunday whilst still up in looney-ville I took myself down (by myself) to their Church. When I was in and out between November and February I went a couple of times then and found it quite therapeutic, they have lovely stained glass windows. Anyways, I went on Sunday and introduced myself to the Minister, she was so lovely and I felt at ease asking her for any verses or similar surrounding losing a baby. We had a nice long chat and cup of tea and she posted me out a couple of little prayers today but what really hit me and made me feel almost comforted was the extract from this little story below:


Bradley and his family lived in a beautiful house that had big tall trees all around. Bradley was getting ready for a trip. He didn’t know where he was going but he knew he was going to a ride with his friend Thomas the Train.

Now Thomas, in his life, had taken people from all over to lots of different places. He always got them to where they need to be so that they are safe and sound. 

Once on the train, Thomas took care of everything. There were bears on the train to help Thomas do his job. Some bears looked after bears; some bears played with other bears. There were bears here of all ages and from all over the world!

No one was ever sick on the train; even those little bears who were sick before weren’t sick any more. Little bears always got special treatment on Thomas because sometimes they had to travel alone. Thomas and the bears on the train that helped Thomas all kept a special eye on the little bears so that they were never lonely.

Soon Bradley was ready to go to the train station where Thomas was meeting him. Bradley’s family took Bradley to the train station. They were sad and worried because he was such a little bear to be travelling on his own. But they knew and trusted Thomas  because Thomas had been doing this job for a very long time. They knew Thomas would take good care of Bradley and make sure he arrived safely to meet his family at a new station.

It was still very hard for Bradley’s family to say good bye because Bradley wanted his family to come and they wanted to go with him. But this was a trip that Bradley had to make by himself. His family still had lots of things to do before they could get to the next station.

Bradley hugged his family a temporary good bye because Thomas promised to get Bradley to the next station where his family would meet him. Bradley’s family promised they would think about him often and always remember the short time they had together. Thomas promised the family that he would take extra good care of Bradley, and his family said they would all take care of each other.

As they cried and waved at Bradley as he stepped onto Thomas, they saw a rainbow. Someone said a long time ago, that a rainbow is a promise waiting to happen and that a rainbow will always be over little Bradley until he sees his family at the next station. 

Then they would travel the rest of the journey, together, forever.


2 Responses to “01:28 – Thomas the Train and a little bear called Bradley”

  1. Ian September 24, 2011 at 03:03 #

    Ah I think perhaps you may have found it xx god bless to all the tiny bears making the journey alone….strength to those bears who continue on alone towards the next station…heres my paw, that I may accompant you at least part of the way xx

  2. Diana Parkhouse (@please_like_me) September 24, 2011 at 13:32 #

    What I have learned is that you have to grieve, and that if you don’t grieve, you end up in the loony bin. Let yourself grieve. For as long as you want. My friend Marilyn is still grieving, something like 30 years on from the loss of her adopted daughter in childhood, Mandy. Then her natural daughter died a few years ago at the age of 31. Grief is a day to day part of her life now.
    I tried to be strong and ‘get over’ my own grief of my own baby losses too fast. By doing that I made myself sick, and it is 2 years on from the first, and a year from the second. There is no time-line you have to follow. I still bawl my eyes out when I have to talk about it (I hate talking about it and I hate bawling my eyes out).
    So, you know, whatever. However long it takes. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t have a time-line. And it’s OK. Normal. Healthy. It makes you, you.

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